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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Al Dana Saving Scheme’s 5th Draw Changes Lives of 17 Winners

QR 1 Million and 1kg of Gold, Top Prizes for this Draw

17 lucky Doha Bank customers walked away with prizes worth over QR 1.4 million in Al Dana’s 5th draw that appened at the City Centre Branch on 6th July.

A.A. Bahumaid, a loyal saver in the Al Dana scheme won the bumper prize of QR 1 million - the second of many millions to be won this year – in a draw that was attended by officials from consumer protection, senior management, staff and customers of Doha bank.

Speaking at the ceremony Mr. Seetharaman, CEO, Doha Bank, said “the Al Dana Scheme is making winners out of more people this year with bigger prizes and better chances of winning.”

The 2nd kilo of gold given away this year was won at this draw by A.A Bashareel. “The Al Dana Gold scheme was launched in April as a commitment by the Bank to make loyal savers with Al Dana feel unique. It underscores our appreciation of the trust they have bestowed on us and our resolve to continue providing them value added benefits and services” said Mr. Seetharaman.

On that day, V. Hussain and R. Cercado won QR 100,000 each, while 10 others walked away with QR 10,000. Three Young Savers also won vouchers that can be redeemed for a gift of their choice including laptops, i-Phones, PSP, PSP3, Portable Sound links, cinematic sound systems etc.


Mr. Nabil Tabbara, Executive Manager, Retail Banking at Doha Bank said: “We want our customers’ dreams to be fulfilled with Al Dana by running the most generous and attractive savings scheme in the state of Qatar through increasing the number of winners and the value of our prizes. The major attraction remains in having the highest prize amounts to be distributed inside Qatar compared to others.”

The Al Dana Savings Scheme was launched in 2004 and has given away prizes worth QR 34 million to over 2000 customers. Last year more than QR 10 million was won in the monthly draws. Creativity & innovation have been at the forefront of this year-round promotional scheme and this has been appreciated by our customers, who have in turn made the Al Dana scheme a roaring success.” said Mr. Tabbara.

The opportunity to win prizes increases exponentially with the duration of the savings deposit. That is, those who invest QR 5000 and above for six months double their chances to win, while those who invest that amount for 12 months triple their chances.

The Al Dana Scheme has been changing lives, creating more joy and happiness among its customers. Not only does their saving habit bring more value to the family in the long term, but they could even multiply their wealth through the chance of becoming millionaires, upgrading the habits and lifestyle of the family and ensuring long term security.

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